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Mobile Servicing in Leicester

We offer a wide variety of mobile vehicle servicing options in Leicester for all makes and models of vehicle including cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. We can supply parts and carry out a full, partial or interim service procedure on your vehicle either at home or at your place of work. Servicing schedules do vary: starting from every 5,000 miles or so for sportier petrol vehicles upto every 15,000 miles for vans and diesel powered vehicles. Servicing your vehicle regularly can help reduce the chances of excess wear or breakdown as well as helping to maintain its resale value. We have extensive experience that allows us to carry out professional service at a fraction of main dealer prices.

mobile servicing

General Vehicle Repairs

Our skilled mechanics have vast experience is repairing all makes and models of vehicle. We can stop that annoying noise, fix that non starter and tell you how to get the best out of your vehicle. We can repair your vehicle while you work or we can come to your home address and fix your vehicle by the roadside.

mobile servicing

Power Steering / Alternators / Air Conditioning

We can repair or replace almost any faulty engine components, including power steering pumps, alternators, and air conditioning systems.

mobile servicing

Suspension / Steering / Braking Systems

We can renew your brake discs, pads or shoes, or simply help to stop poorly fitted brakes from squeeling. We are also happy to repair or replace faulty or worn suspension and steering parts: including worn bushes, hubs, anti roll bars, ball joints, drop links, control arms, track rod ends, inner track rods & CV joints.

mobile servicing

Clutches / Exhausts

Time for a new clutch? We can save you the hassle of having to take time off work to visit your local dealership, which is not only a great hassle saving exercise but is also considerably cheaper. AA mobile vehicle repairs can also repair or replace any part of your vehicles exhuast system including manifold headers, catalytic converters, down pipes, up pipes, centre sections, back boxes or mufflers.

mobile servicing

Engine Diagnostics / Fault Finding

We have specialist electronic fault finding equipment and electronic engine diagnostics that can communicate with your cars ECU telling us of any potential issues with the vehicles managment system.

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